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Increase Your Speaking Confidence & Power Today
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Speak with Power and Influence

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Do you struggle to communicate confidently?

Introducing Best Amazon Seller Book in seven categories.

IMPACT your audiences and conversations with passion, certainty and credibility.

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The Art of Powerful Communication:


Maria Pellicano - SPEAKS on
Aligning People's Minds, Messages and Voices for
Powerful Artful Communication

Negate fear and uncertainty, be an authentic powerful communicator
by provoking audiences for lasting change.

Maria Pellicano speaks on the 3 critical aspects for closing the gap in achieving
powerful communication in presentations, workshops and private sessions.
Through personal stories and experience Maria speaks and helps to release the voice of confidence in anyone.
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Where Do I Start?

Book your FREE communication strategy session

I would like to offer a complimentary communication strategy session to work out what can make you an even stronger passionate leader. Your voice, message and mindset is the key to your ability to influence. Audiences are evoked by the passion in a credible tonality. Find out more about closing the gaps  to becoming an even more convincing communicator, speaker and negotiator by changing vocal patterns that limit you.   

Book my free strategy session

Ready to Get Serious?

Welcome to the Harness Your Speaking Tonality Coaching Program

I want a quick session to increase my speaking confidence, presence and power

1 Power Session - 1.5 Hrs

– Vocal tonality development , strength, quality and control
– Role playing presenting, speaking, and applying the right tonality to your message.  
– Discovering the key aspects of mindset that empowers your voice and message
– Developing an authentic & provoking message on a platform with confidence and certainty

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I want to develop my voice for leadership and influence, work with weekly goals and actionable steps

Can choose from 2 package options:

- 3 Month Influencer Intensive – 12 Sessions  x 1.5 Hrs

We work on 1/2 hour vocal improvement doing specific exercises for vocal need
1 hour working on delivery of speech, workshop, webinar, audio, video...
This is about the delivery where I work on the tone of voice, presence (body language) which is the nonverbal and then I work on your message too. I check the format and language being used... both what is said and not said. 

– Improved vocal range, strength, quality and control
– Accent reduction vocal technique
– mentoring on arranging content for webinars, video and workshop content and delivery
– Coaching in language choice, approach  and presentation used in these deliveries
– Increasing personal power through presence any body language
– Mentoring in using the right vocal tonality for matching your message
– coaching in the development of a mindset of confidence for leadership and influence
– Weekly goals and targets around preparing your videos and material for each session
– Organising and delivering  your workshop or webinar or audio product within 3 months training to a live audience.

When signing up to either of these packages you will receive a complimentary “Vocal Practice Program” and a copy of my book - "Release Your Voice", worth $147.

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Half Day Onsite Workplace Workshop to provide voice education to leadership staff and Team

Who this is for:
To raise powerful communication awareness and to leadership staff and workplace teams. 

What you will learn

– To raise vocal awareness by using the 3 critical aspects of the powerful communication model   to leadership staff and workplace teams.

- Closing the gaps of powerful communcation by identifying the the effect of wobbles, wandering and weakness when speaking.

– An understanding of empowering vocal tonality to help increase sales & customer service quality

– Tools to help create stronger audience engagement by learning how to match and mirror your vocal tone and body language in any communication for lasting results.

– Developing presence, persona and platform for confident speaking and engagement.

– Deliver an authentic heartfelt communication that is memorable and impactful.

Also each participant will receive a complimentary “Vocal Practice Program” and a copy of my book - "Release Your Voice", worth $147.

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Prefer learning from where you are?

Join my next webinar!

If you are a leader and want to influence others to take action, trust you and engage with you, You must learn how to harness your vocal tone for powerful communication. On these 1 hour webinar you will get quick tips & advice about your specific vocal tonality, how to develop a compelling message and how to have a growth mindset that embraces change and behavioural flexibility. You can choose to observe others or participate.
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Get My Vocal practice Program

Exercises and demonstrations that improve voice muscles in your throat, mouth & breathing.   By repeating specific exercises tailored for your vocal type, you will develop a balanced vocal tone making  you sound professional and at ease, giving you greater confidence and power for any speaking engagement. 

About maria pellicano

I am a Speaker, Author and Thought Leader

I work with your voice, mindset and message helping you deliver with confidence, power and certainty.   

I am passionate and skilled in identifying what holds back your expression and use three critical aspects to help you be congruent in speaking.

Our minds, message and voice must say the same thing and be fully aligned, I identify and provide solutions to help you communicate with integrity and clarity.  

Does your voice let you down?  I can give you exercises to balance and strengthen your voice.

My book is an Amazon best seller in 7 categories. It's called “The Art Of Powerful Communication”  Aligning The Mindset, Message and Voice.  

In the work that I do I help develop strategies that close the gap for speakers and enables the ability to lead with credibility and endurance by teaching how to harness the voice to speak with influence and power.


If you want to step up as a speaker, I’ll show you how to increase your presence, personal power and confidence using your tonality.  

If you sound boring or struggle to be heard clearly,  if you are a speaker and you have been told you are too soft or too loud, too demanding or too shallow, then I can help you develop a persona for powerful communication.

When you change your vocal tone you can have better impact and influence on audiences and conversations. 

THE ART OF POWERFUL COMMUNICATION – everyone can do it. Yes, even you with the shaky voice, the nervousness when all eyes are on you!

When you engage me I will use a combination of vocal technique and human behaviour knowledge and experience to help you to develop not only your vocal tone but also a unique mindset and message that can provoke emotion in audiences.

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